Rental or sale of real estate

Are you thinking of putting a property for sale and / or rent? Bilbocasa helps you by putting at your disposal a team of qualified professionals, as well as all the necessary tools and a great advertising coverage.

  • 1. We visit your property
  • 2. We make an assessment
  • 3. We advise you

Preparation of contracts

Have you sold or rented a property on your own and want us to help you with the legal procedures and relevant documentation?

  • 1. Contracts
  • 2. Legal procedures
  • 3. Documentation

Energy Certification

All homes and premises that are rented or sold as of June 1, 2013 must have the energy efficiency accreditation. Hire it here from € 99 + VAT.

  • 1. We send you to collegiate staff
  • 2. ITEs of buildings
  • 3. From € 99 + VAT

Asistencia Jurídica

Si hay algún tema jurídico que te preocupa, consúltanos, aunque no sea del ámbito inmobiliario te derivaremos a profesionales asociados. Intentaremos buscar la mejor solución tanto extrajudicial como judicial. Consúltanos.

  • 1. Wills and Living Wills
  • 2. Divorces, layoffs
  • 3. Fouls, fines


At Bilbocasa we help you to contact the best professionals.

We offer you a budget without obligation.

  • 1. Comprehensive and partial reforms
  • 2. Painting
  • 3. House cleaning


At Bilbocasa we help you contact rental and home insurance professionals to help and advise you. Ask us.

  • 1. Home insurance
  • 2. Rental insurance
  • 3. Other insurance